Brandon is based in the Atlanta area, where he attended Kennesaw State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in jazz studies in 2017. In addition to Kennesaw’s excellent faculty, Brandon received invaluable mentorship from two fixtures of Atlanta music - bassist Kevin Scott (Jimmy Herring, Wayne Krantz) and the late, legendary Colonel Bruce Hampton. Both served as vital examples to Brandon, shepherding him through explorations of every aspect of music from technique to improvisation to self-actualization. In the summer of 2016, Brandon played with the Disney All-American College Band. Under the Direction of Ron McCurdy and working with notable guest artists like John Clayton, Gregg Field, and Steve Houghton, Brandon added some practical experience to the conceptual lessons he had been absorbing in Atlanta; a daily practice in the importance of consistency, selflessness, and social awareness.

This construction of Brandon’s musical identity took place atop a foundation that was laid very early in his life. His father was a church pianist and minister of music in his hometown of Augusta, GA, and his older brother Robert played drums from an early age (currently the drummer for The Count Basie Orchestra). Practically since birth, Brandon was steeped in rhythm and song, and this pedigree played a role in forming him as a strong but sensitive voice on the bass - technically commanding on the instrument, but always with an ear toward making his voice part of the whole.

While attending Kennesaw State,Brandon toured with Colonel Bruce Hampton for two years, seizing the opportunity to put all the skills and concepts he had been developing into practice. During this time, he also performed or recorded with such notables Cody Matlock, Tyrone Jackson, and Monkier, and co-founded an original instrumental group, Grüt, which released its debut album, Side Room Stories, in 2018. This flurry of creative activity caught the attention of two elder Colonel Bruce disciples, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi. In January of 2019, Brandon was named Tedeschi Trucks Band’s new bassist and will spend the rest of the year touring the U.S., Europe and Asia.




Tedeschi Trucks Band

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